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AutPot™ - XL 1 Pot Module

Product Description
Add on module only.

The 1Pot XL System is easily extended with one or more of these add on modules. The add on modules allow you the flexibility to expand and customize your system as needed.  Available with 5 gal. SmartPot® or the original 6.6 gal. Hard Pot.

AutoPot XL systems together with P SCROG Kits provide quick, hassle free set up and low maintenance for the busy grower.

1x 1Pot XL tray & lid
1x container of choice
1x AQUAvalve
3.3ft of 1/4″ pipe
1x root control disc (round)
1x 1/4″ tee connector
1x 1/2”-1/4” tee connector
more detail

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