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The AQUAvalve is supplied with all the AutoPot Watering Systems. Once connected to the water supply the AQUAvalve will control the flow of water to the plants, by simple gravity pressure from a tank or water butt, no pumps, mains water pressure, electricity or timers are required.

Once connected to a tank the AQUAvalve will open and allow water to fill the tray to a preset level of 20mm. The AQUAvalve will not refill the tray until all the water has been used allowing the plant to go through a wet & dry cycle. Once all the water has been used by the plants the AQUAvalve will re-open and refill the tray.

The AQUAvalve is a simple but very effective watering device and needs to be treated with care. Keep the AQUAvalve and the tray it sits in clean, free of obstructions, soil particles and it will help you water & feed your plants for many years.

6.6 Gallon Hard Pot, Tray and Lid

Hard PotTray and Lid

The 1Pot XL Tray and Lid accepts a 6.6 gal XL Hard Pot. The tray requires an AQUAvalve to function as part of an AutoPot Watering System.



Circular Root Control Disc

Round Root Control Disc

1x Circular Root Control Disc designed for growers using 1Pot XL system with Hard Pot, the Root Control Disc prevents roots from encroaching on the AQUAvalve. We recommend the Disc is used gold face up. 

5 Gallon Smart Pot, Tray and Lid


The 1Pot XL Tray and Lid accepts a 5 gal XL SmartPot. The tray requires an AQUAvalve to function as part of an AutoPot Watering System.

SmartPots stimulate plant growth by aerating, feeding and guiding the root structure rather than merely containing it.SmartPots are exceptional for their use of BPA-free, lead-free material with no off-gassing or leaching. 



Pot SocksPot Sock

PotSocks have been designed to keep even the most agile root system where it belongs… contained in the SmartPot! Enjoy complete peace of mind that your AQUAvalve is safe and free from rogue roots. PotSocks are great for growers cultivating long term crops or simply plants with a very aggressive root system. They’re also the ideal solution for growers using air pruning fabric AutoPot XL systems.



12.4 Gallon Solid Reservoir, Lid & Top Hat Grommet

12.4 gal reservoir

The 12.4 Gallon Solid Reservoir is suitable for watering and feeding XL Systems. Always raise your reservoir to a minimum of 6″ above the highest AQUAvalve.

Please note that this product includes the pre-drilled 12.4 Gallon Solid Reservoir, the 12.4 Gallon Solid Reservoir Lid and 1/4″ Top Hat Grommet. A 1/4″ Golf Filter will need to be purchased separately.


Everything you need in one compact box. FlexiTank requires no tools for assembly, reduces storage and shipping costs and takes minutes to assemble. It really couldn’t be simpler. Unlike other water butts and barrels, the AutoPot FlexiTank can be stored away when not used, can fit where other reservoirs cannot go and is adaptable in ways standard reservoirs are not.

  • 6 to 9 pot XL systems - 25 gal., 17" dia., 29.5" high
  • 12 to16 pot XL systems - 60 gal., 25" dia., 31.9" high
  • 24-60 pot XL systems - 105 gal., 26.8" dia., 43.7" high
  • 80-100 pot XL systems - 200 gal., 35.5" dia., 46" high


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