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Why Single Plant ScrOG?


Multiple vs Single Plant ScrOG

Single plant ScrOGs (Screen of Green) make most sense as apposed to 2 or more plants under a large net. Here are 10 excellent  and compelling reasons why.

  1. Easy to provide individual plant care - When 2 or more plants are placed under a single ScrOG net, those plants are typically treated the same out of necessity.  Growers have trouble getting to plants at the far reaches of the grow. All plants are treated the same despite their strain, maturity level or health status.
  2. Simple to move around if necessary - If you need to pull a plant from a multi-plant ScrOG grow for any reason, you will need to cut the net and remove it, leaving remaining plants unsupported. 
  3. Improved light distribution - Growers can rotate single plants and custom adjust screen heights. Plants grow at different rates and mature a different rates.
  4. Easy to remove a troubled plant from the grow space, lowers risk of damage to the remaining crop.
  5. Singles are easier to water and flush.
  6. Individually ScrOGged plants allow gardeners to harvest plants at precise maturity.
  7. Singles eliminates need of crawling under nets, wire or mesh
  8. Wheel chair / handicap accessibility
  9. Irrigation equipment accessibility
  10. A single plant can be ScrOGged at an optimal time in its growth cycle. Otherwise, only the most aggressive growing plants enjoy the full benefit of Screen of Green.


Laying claim to the method of ScrOG, Wolf Segal says the original concept involved a single plant. Wolf would argue that several plants under a net is not ScrOGging at all. 

A single plant can be ScrOGged at a reasonable price in less than 2 minutes with a rigid lightweight screen such as P SCROG screens, P SCROG Portables and Smart P SCROG. Because of this efficiency, scrogging larger numbers of plants (100s) actually becomes reasonable and a more efficient practice.

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  • Gary Memelstein