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Quick Adjust Plant Stakes

Product Description

These handy low profile plant stakes adjust from approximately 18" to 36" with a simple twist and lock design. They work great with P SCROG Screens.

Bamboo and wood stakes can do the job, but due to porosity are known to harbor mold spores, putting plants at risk. They also rot and create hives for bugs!

Quick Adjust plant stakes are made from non porous ABS plastic, are tough and do not retain or capture water.  Easy to clean...   ...use them over and over. Works great with P SCROG Screens.

Because they adjust, you can keep them out of the way of your LED and T5 lighting fixtures that you want closer to you plants. Long hardware store stakes can tower over the height of the canopy dictating light fixture height, putting your valuable bud outside of the lighting sweet pot.

Each package contains 4 Quick Adjust plant stales and 8 zip ties.

$ 15.00

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