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P SCROG Pro Kit - 2 screens

Product Description

Used in 2x2 grow footprints.

Each single pack contains 1 of each and each bulk 6-pack contains 6 each of the items below:

- 24" Base with channel lock
- Multi-directional removable casters (pkg. of 4)
- Telescoping rods (pkg. of 4)
- Junction caps (pkg. of 4)
- Primary screen 21" square
- Container attachment pack 
- Support screen 21" square
- 3/8"- threaded rod, 12" long (pkg. of 4)
- 3/8"- threaded cap insert (pkg. of 4)
- 3/8"- nylon wing nut (pkg. of 8)
     (plant container not included)

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