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Okanogan Sunflower Farm

Okanogan Sunflower Farm
Although Okanogan county of Washington state during the gold rush was known for its gold nuggets, Terry Taylor is betting his company will become well known for the Okanogan Sunflower Farm and Okanogan Gold cannabis. 

The Okanogan Sunflower Farm is near where the nomadic Northern Okanogans or Sinkaietk tribal group would roam. Their language was Salishan. Descendants of these tribes now occupy the Colville Indian Reservation. Okanogan is Salishan for "rendezvous"...and rendezvous they did!

Left to right, Chief Moses, Chief Tonasket, Chief Sar-sarp-kin. (Courtesy Okanogan Historical Society)

On February 23, 1896, the north half of the Colville Indian Reservation was thrown open for mineral entry, and within weeks, hordes of gold seekers flooded in and staked hundreds of claims. It has been estimated that as many as 1,500 prospectors and other outsiders were waiting just across the Columbia River. The story goes that signal fires were built when official word of the opening was received; these fires touched off a gold rush, and the mining frenzy was on The gold rush ended in bust leaving the region with record numbers of ghost towns.

Terry Taylor is owner and operator of the Okanogan Sunflower Farm. Terry likes to talk about his great grandfather who lived and worked the land with the indians during the gold rush in what is now Okanogan county. He probably even shared cannabis medicine with the indians before it was prohibited by law.

Like his great grandfather during the Gold Rush, Terry is in the midst of the "Green Rush" frenzy with his 28 acre Okanogan Sunflower Farm and "Okanogan Gold" cannabis brand of bud and extracts. "We can still pan for gold in the Okanogan River which is used for irrigation at the farm", says Terry. "We are located in north central Washington where the mountains meet the desert. This region and its micro climate are ideal for growing high grade cannabis plants."

Terry Taylor
Hear Terry explain his cannabis operation in the YouTube video shot at the Okanogan Sunflower Farm, why he feels all plants should be ScrOGged and his predictions for the future of the cannabis industry. The drone footage is incredible. Please watch!

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  • Gary Memelstein
Comments 5
  • Gary

    Noted and changed, thanks!

  • Will Griggs
    Will Griggs

    Hey the picture of the “tomato plant” on the “Plant Training Techniques” is not the tomato we’re all familiar with. It is the Tamarillo (AKA Tree Tomato), a tropical woody shrub with tomato like fruit. FYI

  • Kenneth Hollingshead
    Kenneth Hollingshead

    There is no doubt about Terry Taylor being the best grower in Washington State. He has a handle on everything doing with growing bud. I have known him for over 30 years and can’t say enough good things about him.

  • Samantha Nelson
    Samantha Nelson

    Terry Taylor is the BEST grower I know!! He definitely knows what he’s doing. Him and his family grows the best Cannabis here in Washington! If you ever get the chance to try it Do So!!

  • Bill Levin
    Bill Levin

    Far out! Proud of you all over in Washington State… Keep up the stellar work! Much LOVE to you.

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